Further Information

Pets in seminar room

Unless you are bringing a registered assistance dog please leave all pets at home. If you are bringing a dog please notify us in advance by contacting us on +43 (0) 664 4333 630 or via e-mail.



HAPPY-FELLOW is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact caused by excess use of printed handouts. Therefore we respectfully request that you print or download the handouts as required. Some speakers have a high video content or materials they cannot share in a written format so their presentation handouts will not be available although you will be able to make notes during the talks.

If you intend to use an iPad, Android or other tablet device, there are several apps that allow you to make notes on the handout. Many of these are available from the App Store or Google play free of charge.

If you want to store or print out the handouts, you can do this by clicking on "apply to seminar". In the right box you will find all downloadable files three to four weeks before the seminar including the handouts for all three days.


Tablets, Smartphones and Mobile Phones

Please note that although we are encouraging the use of Tablets and Smartphones, a strict no video and/or still photography is permitted during the lectures. We are very privileged to have speakers who are willing to present recent, unpublished work and want to respect their intellectual property.
You may make a private use audio recording if the speaker allows you to do so, as long as your device does not interfere with the seminar eqipment or the learning experience of others.

During the presentation you have to turn off the telephone function of your mobile or smart phone and put all your other devices in a silent mode.


Facebook and Twitter

We encourage you to use social-media also during the whole seminar.



The registration will take place at the seminar room. Please ask at the main reception area of the seminar hotel for the HAPPY-FELLOW Seminar. The registration desk will be manned at the start of the day and a volunteer will be available at the desk during refreshment breaks to answer any questions you may have during the seminar itself.
Please note that you are only required to register on your first day at the seminar.



If you require any assistance with seating or if you have any additional requests, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the registration team.



The schedule (this is always subject to change to account for unforeseen circumstances) is published on our website. We aim to adhere to these times. Therefore, please ensure that you are seated and ready to start before the time stated on the schedule. Once the speaker commences, the doors will be shut to minimize noise, and so create an optimum learning environment. If you are late, you may be asked to wait for a natural break in the lecture before you are allowed entry.



Tea, Coffee, Mineral Water and Fruit Juice will be available during the breaks (included in the seminar fee). A hot lunch will be provided, with a vegetarian option (included in the seminar fee). If you have already requested a special diet, please speak to a member of the catering staff.
If you need a vegan option for lunch, please tell us in the comment box of your booking.


Emergency Contact Number

You may contact seminar staff at the following number: +43 (0) 664 4333 630.


Clothing for seminar

Although we will do our best to regulate a constant room temperature, this may vary from person to person. We recommend that you bring additional layers.


Seminar Announcements

We will do our best to communicate any last minute changes to the seminar schedule, however, for the most up to date information, please consult our website: www.seminar.happy-fellow.at