Terms and Conditions training

Attendance at a training

Terms and conditions for applying to our training

Please take note that your application to our training is obligatory!
The organizer and trainer assume no liability for the participants and dogs.



If the deregistration is less than 2 days before the seminar, you will have to pay the whole training fee. If a participant is absent, no matter why, you also have to pay the whole training fee.

Please note that a deregistration is only valid, if you receive a confirmation message from our trainer!



If a training has to be cancelled for any reason, we will contact the participants either per telephone or by e-mail as soon as possible.
Please understand, that we can not pay for any effort, the cancellation caused.


Pictures, Audio & Videorecording

a) Video and Audiorecording of the training only with written permission from the organizer. You are welcome to take pictures for private use only. If you want to use the pictures in any media, except the social networks, you need to have a written permission from the organizer as well.
b) Pictures, Video- and Audiorecording can be done by the organizer or authorised people. Participants agree with attendence to the training to use such records for private and commercial use in all printed and online media, especially the internet and all future media. Unless otherwise concerted, you cannot raise a claim of any donation or provision. A participant can object this permission prior to the training in written form.


Here you find terms and conditions for attending our seminars